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Patent Research

 Our GPG Patent Bureau employs only high-grade professionals with impressive experience in the patent field, who will ensure the most qualitative results. Our employees’ thorough familiarity with languages, which gives the opportunity to work out all investigation phases more accurately, is worthwhile noting. An individual cooperation with each client represents another factor that makes our company one of the best. If necessary, we will advise you competently and will help you determine the necessary research tasks. 

 Our employees can independently determine the need for a specific task for an individual case. This will help you optimize the procedure of patent research and achieve the most optimal results at low fund expenses. It should be also mentioned that we have a deep access to all sources of patent data. As a result, you get a detailed report, in accordance with the state standard, which contains full information according to the goals set at the beginning of our cooperation. 
Cost of Patent Research Pursuance:
The number of states in which the research shall be performed and the number of target IPC classes represent the main factors that affect the cost of the patent research.
  • The cost of determining the technical level and the main directions for development of the necessary equipment type makes 25 000 rubles per one research subject in one country.
  • This amount is by 5000 rubles higher for each subsequent state. 
  • The determination of the patentability level makes 25 000 rubles. This price also includes one country and one target object.
  • The extra payment for each subsequent additional country will be 5000 rubles.
  • The establishment of the infringement factor makes 25 000 rubles (one country and one object), plus 15.000 rubles for the patent form preparation and 5000 rubles more for each additional country. 
 Patent research is one of the most advanced methods of market analysis in terms of innovation introduction and distribution. This is an integrated tool and it is used for solving both legal and technical issues of the target market. All patent researches are based on
careful analysis of all sources of information related to the latest technical and scientific achievements, their development and prospect.
 The patent research is the conclusion of the innovative object’s infringement and patentability. That is, the Customer is provided with detailed information on how to use the innovative object without prejudice to the existing patents. The research result also includes the data on the target object’s degree of novelty.
 Any patent research, which regulates the procedure of pursuance, content and features of the final report formation, is carried out according to GOST. According to GOST R 15.011-96, the result shall mandatorily contain general information about the analyzed object, all the analytical information, the conclusion and additions.

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