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Patenting of inventions

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Patenting of inventions

What is the patent?

Patent is a document issued by government agency, securing the rights of his owner for intellectual property (invention).

Cost of obtaining a patent.

 In Russia obtaining a petent is an expensive procedure. It includes:

  • preliminary search - 25,000 russian roubles (RUB), performed in 10 days;
  • preparation and sending application to Rospatent - 35,000 RUB + registration tax 4100 RUB, performed in 10 days;
  • tax for issuing patent - 3250 RUB.

The patent will be issued in 1 year after.

The total cost for obtaining a patent, including tax if 67 350 RUB.

4 stages of process of obtaining a patent in Russia

Prepartion to registration:

1. Preliminary patent search, conducted to ensure the the invention is unique and sufficiently inventive. ( ).

2. Second stage - preparation and sending an application for patent expertise.

After receiving of an application the Rospatent's part of procedure begins.

Patent expertise:

3. The formal check - verify the documents itself are prepared correctly and registration taxes paid.

4.The final (and longest) stage - detailed expertise. In average it takes 8 month.

The patent has effect in only country, where it is registered, within 20 years (a prolongation fee should be paid annually). Extension to other countries is available via international application and subsequent receiving of patents from selected countries.

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