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International registration of trademark

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International registration of trademark

International registration of the trademark (brand name) – is a procedure of obtaining a certificate for trademark in a countries, where the applicant has no residence.

Cost of international registration of a trademark:


International registration of a trademark cost calculator
Type of a trademark to be registered
Number of NCL classes (1-45) required
Countries, where registration will be performed
au at az al dz ag am af oa bh by bx bg bq
ba bw bn bt gb hu vn gm gh de gr ge dk em
eg zm zw il in id ir ie is es it kz kh ke
cy cn co cu kg cw la lv ls lr lt li mg mk
ma mx mz md mc mn na nz no om pl pt ru rw
ro us sm st sz kp sx rs sg sy sk si sd sl
tj th tn tm tr uz ua ph fi fr hr me cz ch
se ee kr jp
Registration cost
Patent bureau services -
Registration tax -
Total amount in russian roubles (RUR) -
Total amount in CHF (paid in addition to RUR sum above) -

Please, note:

  • According to russian law, the company, that intends to obtain an international registration of trademark, should at first register this trademark in the country of origin.
  • There is no single multinational certificate for trademark registration. Each country itself examine the application. So the duration of registrations varies in different countries. Generally it takes from 8 to 18 months..

Kinds of international registration.

  • Registration under Madrid agreement is the most convinient for for most cases. A single application is enouth to obtain registration in up to 84 countries. 
  • Registration European Union A single application for up to 32 countries. The disadvantage of this way  is that refusal of protection in one country will deny application in other countries.
  • Registration directly in a specified country. The disadvantage of this way is very high price comparing to registration under Madrid agreement.


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