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Registration of trademark
Registration of trademark

Registered trademark protects your company, your products and your clients from unfair competitors, increase the goodwill and market value of your company. The main purpose of the trademark / brand name is to make your products distinguishable on the market.

International registration of trademark
International registration of trademark

International registration of the trade mark (brand name) if strongly recommended when your company intends to sell products internationally. The state registration of the trademark works only in the country of registration. To secure the name of your company and your brands, a possibility exists to register them under Madrid agreem ent, which is signed by more then 80 countries.

Patenting of inventions
Patenting of inventions

Invetion can be patented if an official expertise will confirm, that such invavtion matches all requirements of patentability. The patent owner can use it at hiw own mind (use to protect his products, lease or sell).

Patenting of Utility Model. Patenting Cost
Patenting of Utility Model

Patenting of utility model is possible, provided that the new technical solution as the device is industrially applicable. Unlike the invention patent, no inventive level is required during the registration of the utility model patent. This contributes to a more simplified procedure for obtaining a patent.

Obtaining a patent for industrial design.
Patent for Industrual design

You can obtain patent for industrial design if your product is originality and novelty. A patent gives exclusive right for use of design and protects it's owher from third party claims.

Pursuance of the Patent Search in the Russian Federation
Patent Search in the Russian Federation

Patent search is a process of selecting, from the amount of patent documents or data, the documents or data corresponding to request by one or several features. Thus, the process of searching out of the set of documents and texts only those which correspond to the request theme or subject is carried out

Patent Research according to GOST, Patent Form
Patent Research

 Patent research implies the research of technical level and development trends of facilities used for economic activities, their patentability, infringement and competitiveness (efficiency of usage as intended) based on patent and other information

Patenting in Other Countries
International Patenting

International Patenting implies the opportunity to obtain an invention patent, utility model patent or industrial design patent in any country of the world by appealing to the Patent Office in each country or to the Patent Office of the country, which is included in the countries united by the agreement. 


Trademark Licensing Agreement, Invention Licensing Agreement
Registration of Licensing Agreement in Russia

Trademark Licensing Agreement, Invention Licensing Agreement, Utility Model Licensing Agreement or Industrial Design Licensing Agreement involves full or partial transfer of rights to another person of intellectual property use, according to the concluded Agreement terms